Saturday, 7 June 2014

Hey looking gooooood!!

I know  I know, I cant really put that title & not show you no photo's of my new bathroom, which is looking goooooood!!! right now, lol
BUUUUUT, I can tell you my tiles are up & grouted, my cabinets are up & filled to the BRIM, didn't know i had this much stuff, must be a clean girl, hehehehe
Ok & I did it all MYSELF, I even bought a ornament for the top corner shelf that says "soak"
I am loving taking bubble bath's & shower's in my new bathroom now, it actually looks inviting & clean, not that it wasn't clean before but I had aqua colour wall's {not too bad for a bathroom I suppose} but I also had a lot of bottle's & clutter out on show, which made it look messy & dirty.
So WATCH THIS SPACE, im waiting for good light to take good photo's
Much love n hugs
Sarah xx

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Hey guys

I haven't been here for a while, lots have happened!!

Laptop has decided to go currup, thanks to my son using it, so I haven't been able to go viral much.

I HAVE A NEW JOB!!! the same company, im no longer a kitchen assistant, as much as I loved that job & I forfilled my purpose, made ppl smile & diliverd,  im activity co-ordinator now so I have better hours & better pay, & I will still continueforfill & make ppl happy, yeaaaayyyy

I am aching to do something with paper, I wanted to send a card to my new manager for helping me get my to where I wanted to be in my job, when so many around her was nagging & complaining to get me there & I was so patient & let life happen. THANK YOU HILARY XXXXXX & thank you kitchen for having this crazy head for so long, hehehehee

My house...its being decorated so all my scrapbooking supplies & stuff is all packed away, hence no card making or pages or anything else right now :-( ....lots happenening, bathroom is almost finished!!!!  EEEEKKKK I cannot wait to take photo's & get them uploaded, im so proud of myself, looks like a totally different room!

So for probally another month or so, lol, take care, lots of hugs n kisses, mwaaah
Sarah xx

Saturday, 19 April 2014


....well actually were not, but we have been waiting almost THREE years to move to a better place!!!  THREE years is a LONG time. SO we decided to stay here, we are right on the door step of enough good shop's, to just go get something if we run out of something, yes we still have a long haul trek to school's, but we weighed up the pro's & con's & bla bla bla along with some other stuff, WERE STAYING in this house!!

Which then got me all excited because NOW I can decorate....THE WHOLE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!

At first I had TON's of idea's & I got ordering a few bits for my bedroom, some wall paper for the back hall way, oh a jewellery holder that would look nice on my new dresser I want for my is A-MAZE-ING!!!!  lol
But then I got all over whelmed & now I am forcing my self to take little baby steps at a time, I ordered my kitchen cabinets from ikea & small things are coming together, im feeling a little more happier, yeay

I have 8 rooms to re-decorate & 2 of those rooms really desperately need doing, plus I want all new furniture in every room, a new kitchen, was going to get a new bathroom too, but as we are only renting I re thought about that, so the bathroom is just going to be tiled out.

You should be expecting photo's of home improvements here very soon!!

Happy Days
sarah xx

Sunday, 9 March 2014

My birthday selfie page & a wedding page

So it was my birthday last week & me & my girls got our party wear on, intoxicated ourself's & danced the night away, cheer's!!

I was in a funk last week I wanted to scrap but didn't have no groove & nothing I did, helped so this was a forced page, but it was a lift of one of my own from YRS ago, Im loving my bling shimmer & shine & so I encorporated a lot of that into this page.

Life is looking up for me right now, I have some things to to think about that are all good things, & I have the best news ever to share, but I cant just yet, I wont breath until I cant tell & scream & shout it to the world!!
Happy days, much love, take care of yourself & all that xx

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

valentines decor so far...WIP

Some of these are MFT dies & some are die cut from my cricut

I LOVE these oxoxoxoxoxox's!!!!!!!

Hugs n Kisses
Sarah xx

The weather is getting me down maaaaaaan & some sizzix stuff going on

Whats the weather like where you live?

Here its constant rain in some parts of our country, we have floods & ppl's house's are filled with water, they are forced to live on the upper level, :-(

We moan & winge about whats happenening in our lives but just remember there is always someone more worse off than you!!!

On a happy-ier note, I have pulled out my old sizzix big shot die cutting machine, because I swore blind by my cricut up til now!! ...why?
I found...thanks to Keisha these new dies, & they are to die for!!!! I have got a LOAD of inspiration from Keisha recently as I been in a scrapbooking slum, I have some projects coming soon, again inspiration from Keisha!!!
Thanks bird xx
Sarah xx